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  • Autumn Running--4 Safety Tips for Running in the Fall As the temperature begins to drop, the days become shorter, and the leaves on the trees begin to change color, you may find that your running habits also begin to change with the arrival of autumn. Here are four tips to keep you safe, and keep you running, through the changing of the seasons.Read on here, article from Running Answers .com 
  • Seth’s Ride across the USA I am the local franchise owner of nine Domino’s Pizza stores in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This Spring and Summer I am riding my bicycle across the USA and raising money to help St. Jude Children’s Hospital. There are other reasons I am on this journey. I began cycling seriously about 6 years ago and quickly found that it was something I loved to do. The activity has not only helped me lose weight, but also cured my diabetes. So I ride to help St. Jude and I ride for my health. During the ride I will turn 50 and reach my 30th year with Domino’s Pizza. As I celebrate those milestones, I am grateful for this opportunity to give back to the community and excited for the ...
  • The Top 7 Runner Foods From repairing muscle to maintaining energy, runners' bodies have special nutritional needs. Here, seven great foods for runners -- peanut butter tops the list!From the editors of FITNESS magazine 

Reflective clothing for the biking and Running Community

RUseeN Reflective Apparel for Men and Women is a Manufacturer of Hi-Visibility & Safety Reflective Vests, Reflective Jackets, Reflective Shirts, Reflective Hats, Reflective Gloves, Reflective Belts, Reflective Sashs, Reflective Armbands and more for Safety & Visibility, located in Reading, PA

RUseeN Reflective Apparel has a unique & fashionable product line of Hi-Visibility & Safety Reflective Clothing for Men and Women Runners, joggers, bikers, hikers, walkers, cyclists, hunters, children or Mom, walking the dog. RUseeN has designed and created a fashionable, comfortable clothing line that is Breathable, Hi-Tech, Moisture-free, Wicking, Color fast and UV Protection. The days of the Industrial/Construction reflective work clothing are over. RUseeN has designed and coordinated Fashion with Reflectivness within the garment industry, for Safety & Visibility. RUseeN spells “RUN”. So exercise, play have fun, and enjoy yourself while being seen and not HURT.


All RUseeN Garments are Hi-Visibility & RetroReflective 330/500 lumens per Shirt (very, Bright). The Technology of RetroReflective returns the light directly back to its source, keeping All who exercise, SAFER. It's like looking into the mirror; your image is reflected back to its source.